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About is the newest place on the web to buy and sell horses online with free classified ads - with 20 pictures & videos! We just launched on October 10, 2009! Equiseller gets its name from "equine" and "sell". We are the #1 place on the internet to do just that, sell horses for free - or buy horses for free. We welcome a variety of different users, including private users, Ranches, or equine Rescue Organizations (see section below on Rescued Horses). If you are a ranch or rescue organization, this service is invaluable. Post as many listings as you like as often as you like 100% free of charge! The goal of is to make online horse or pony buying and/or selling free and easy. Buy horses or sell horses online for free as much as you like with our special free ad system on!

Equiseller Listings

Equiseller offers free classifieds, horse listings or ads, for both horses for sale and for stud. Users may buy and sell horses for free. Not only is placing an ad free, it is easy, fast, and can even be fun! Equiseller currently offers free listings with up to 5 Pictures, however much text you want, Custom Pedigree, Google Maps, state-of-the-art management tools, and much more! Video ads are coming soon. Our classifieds are both free and don't expire as long as you are still selling your horse! Post your classified listing today, as many listings as you like with our Unlimited Listing program for all users. We hope you enjoy our service and sell your horses and ponies!

Studs and Stud Listings

Our standard listing offers a stud option, where sellers can specify their ad is for a "stud". Buyers beware that a "stud" fee is not a sale price for the horse or pony. When buying a horse, you can specify in the search options whether or not you want to include studs in your search. Stud listings include special options, such as expiring after only 2 years! We are also working hard on adding videos to your ads!

Equine Classified Ads and Sales

Horses and ponies are easy to sell on with our additional marketing options. You can easily copy your horse or pony listing ad to your website or to craigslist or other listings websites so that other buyers can see them. Simply copy some html code to do this! We explain exactly how to do it after you post your listing, expedite the sale of your horse by clicking additional advertisement. Ads on Equiseller will generate a lot of hits, but additional horse ad listings are always beneficial, especially when it is offered for free. We guarantee you will be happy with your horse listings on and hope you will place more ads or buy more horses through us in the future, or recommend us to ranches or rescue groups who are looking to sell their horses or ponies!

Rescued Horses believes horses should be treated humanely and not abusively. We have a deep respect for rescued horses, and organizations that rescue unfortunate horses and ponies. You will find rescue farm organizations among our users with horses for sale or adoption. We recommend you consider donating to these organizations to help them in their efforts to rescue more horses in the future. You may also want to adopt multiple horses or ponies from a single organization to help them make room for more.

Horse Farms really wants horse farms and rescue groups to be happy. If you are a ranch or a farm, we want to work together with you to make our horse listings and ads easy to use. Please let us know how we can improve our listings, and what would make our ads better. Remember, we will soon have video ads available for free! Enjoy your experience with us, and we hope you sell your horses and ponies soon! Anyone looking to buy your horse will contact you directly, and you can work directly together with the buyer to negotiate a price and other terms.

Buying and Adopting Horses

To buy or adopt a horse on Search our classified listings until you have found your dream horse or pony. When you have found the horse or pony you want to buy or adopt, we recommend you register so you can contact the horse owner easily, and save listings for future reference. You can also see questions asked by other buyers related to the listing, if you scroll down to the "questions" section of the horse listing. We hope you have fun buying, and buy the horse of your dreams!